Written by Thomas Herron

Sheck Wes

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Sheck Wes has made waves in the last year or so with singles like “Mo Bamba,” so much so that he earned a deal on Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack sub-label of Good Music.


The New York rapper is putting on for Harlem with a sound that walks the line between a sort of hardcore mumble rap and a style similar to his new boss, Travis Scott.


Dominating lo-fi beats Sheck usually goes for bangers with simple lyrics but still providing slightly more focus than some of his counterparts.


With only seven songs out on his soundcloud, Sheck Wes is really a brand new artist and we have yet to see how his style will evolve, but we have seen a number of flows from the 19-year-old NBA obsessed rapper as seen by the variation from “Mo Bamba,” “Lebron James,” and “CHIPPI CHIPPI.”


Sheck Wes, much like label mate and recent signee Valee, is a man of many trades having formerly modeled and recently stating he still wants to play in the NBA after being a basketball star in his youth.


Wes’s seemingly reckless sound does not reflect his personality completely, as most people he encapsulates all sides of human nature. He dominates with a commanding flow that’s almost a yell on some EDM sounding beats, but as stated in a recent interview with Pitchfork, the rapper hates one of his own biggest hits because he feels people get too lost in the energy he offers and ignore the substance filled story he tells on “Live SheckWes Die SheckWes.”


The Harlem rapper also has ambitions to rebuild Touba, Senegal after a visit there suggested by his mother. Wes hopes to do a bit of it all, including being a humanitarian.


Wes has already shown a lot of depth of character in his short time in the spotlight, and that depth will most likely be reflected on his future work. With such energy infused bangers as his typical sound, it will be interesting to see how Wes can combine that with his own unique personality and depth to give rap something it may not have truly seen yet in a sort of conscious gangster rapper.