Written by Sophia Guerrier


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New School Chicago has to be the one of the top cities with the most variety in terms of sounds. There's drill, conscious, gangsta/trap, footwork, and then there's Lucki. The 22 year old rapper that apparently appeared out of nowhere and gained enough attention to amount millions of listens on his music online. With his latest release DAYS B4 II EP, he continues to establish his place in rap as a very lowkey but an exclusive-feeling artist that sparks prolonged interest upon his discovery. 

Chi town has always impressed with the artists that made it out of the city like Kanye West of course, Chief Keef, Lupe Fiasco, and Chance the Rapper, but Lucki is in fact completely in his own lane with his music. Previously known as Lucki Eck$, he came out with his debut project in 2013 called Alternative Trap but actually didn't garner his recognition until around 2016. His sound is so unique that it is extremely hard to ignore how special it is simply because of the odd way that he goes about it. He switches flows in practically every project that he has released and in many of the songs within a project. There is no consistency in the way he spits on a track which automatically separates him from the average rapper and makes him that much more versatile and creative. His abnormally relaxed delivery is what produces the eerie, tranquilizing atmosphere of his songs that merges so well with the soft trap beats that he raps over. "Switchlanes", "Leave Wit You", and "Are U Wit Me" are all tracks where we clearly hear these influential elements of his overall music. 

On his earlier projects, FREEWAVE EP and Alternative Trap he proves that he can rap and have a sustained flow which helps further his legitimacy as a rapper. He actually flaunts a quick, mean flow with clever bars and emphasis that we don't hear after this EP, including some conscious components as well. It's evident that he reinvented his whole persona from a harder, more gangsta rapper to the nonchalant, drugs and emotions spitter that we get on SON OF SAM and Watch My Back to now. It wasn't a bad move artistically for him to make this switch considering how different but appealing his music has come out to be thus far, but if he were to combine the two energies of his more bar heavy raps with his style now, it would be exciting to see where it would take him. 

To keep it real, Lucki sounds like a unmotivated, careless youngin that just freestyles what comes to mind in any way that he's feeling in the booth. His style is effortless and strangely imposing because it's inimitable while being minimal in nature since it's literally just an instrumental and him rapping. We haven't received a recent full length album from him yet which honestly doesn't seem necessary for the flow of his releases and general manner of his music. We'll see how he grows as an artist as his career lengthens and landscape of sound improves as he gains more attention. Check out his new song "1 way".