Written by Sophia Guerrier

Jayy Grams

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If you're complaining about the "new generation" of rappers coming up then you obviously haven't listened to Jayy Grams. At only 18 years old, Grams is easily the hottest rapper under 20 right now. He carries flashes of a young Nas and this comparison is not an exaggeration or overhype. Developed flow, strong delivery, and complex wordplay that demonstrate nothing short of skill. If you don't believe this then watch the freestyle below. 


Coming out of Baltimore, MD, signed to Cinematic Music Group, and a member of LoWFi, Grams represents the epitome of an MC. His music contains old school vibes with an emphasis on showcasing his undeniable gift of rapping. There's no confusion that lyricism is important to the young MC since his music does not lack in complexity or substance. Grams content matter ranges from political to personal to the come up, and he does it all by keeping it real. 


Accompanied by multiple freestyles justifying his place in rap like "A" and "Warzone", Grams potential of becoming one of the best lyricists to do it is there. Good Times EP prompts this case with 5 tracks full of bars and hard, quality beats capturing the mood of where he's from. The EP is only a preview of what this kid is capable of and will soon be a warm memory as his catalog expands and his artistry develops. Check out his most recent EP, Grime & Basslinez.  

The sky's the limit for Jayy Grams and it's exciting to see what the young MC is going to do in the future. There's no doubt he's going to do damage in the underground scene but with his talent there's no telling how far it can take him.