Written by Sophia Guerrier


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Who knew such a soulful and stunningly rhythmic artist would come out of Oakland, Ca in a trap/gangsta era that not only are we in right now, but has reigned supreme in the area for decades. Regions haven't had a signature sound for awhile, but you can't help but be surprised when listening to the smooth chords and vocals of Elujay's music that he is truly from the bay. It takes a special kind of artist to separate themselves from the rest of the tribe, but you wouldn't even guess that Elujay was among that tribe to begin with. 

Because of the high quality of his music, it is hard to believe that Elujay hasn't already blown up more than what he's at right now. His ability to rap and produce has undoubtedly had an upward effect on the dynamic of his music. The young rapper has a fine ear for mixing elements of R&B and soul in not only his beats, but also in the pitches of his voice as he flows. Elujay's utilization of vocals on his songs has created the serene atmosphere that caresses your attention and floats it throughout the duration of the track with no signs of going off course. Songs like "We Don't Mind" and "Golden" are perfect examples of the excellence that Elujay is steadily mastering in his music making. 

Conscious aspects dominate his style of music that resembles artists like Saba and Chance the Rapper. Flowing his perspectives on topics like romance, environment, and life, we get an instant vibe to the 21 year old's realities of young adulthood that easily coincides with our lives. "Respirate/Atlas" is a stand out track that launches us into nostalgia and inner conflict that essentially makes us who we are. Elujay can capture a mood and put it into 3 minutes without losing any of its natural qualities or overdoing production which often happens more times than not with upcoming artists. He's surely a unique rapper with a unique sound that is substance filled and innovative for today's hip hop. 

If you enjoy a combo of thought provoking rap and R&B, Elujay is your guy to add to your playlists. He has raw talent that he proved can be turned into valuable music for any listener and exhibits it seemingly effortlessly. Check out his 2016 debut album Jentrify and his sophomore LP is on the way as well.