Written by Thomas Herron


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As of late, Massachusetts has been fortunate enough to have finally had some talented rappers rep the state, with the likes of Dorchester’s Cousin Stizz and Worcester’s Joyner Lucas gaining relevancy.


Dtheflyest of Brockton has immediately joined these rappers as one of the Bay State’s top recording artists. Coming off the release of his album, Dope Boy Diaries… the self-proclaimed flyest in the city proved he’s just that by showcasing his own ability to create melodic flows with emotion-packed lyrics.


The Lil Baby assisted “Fugazi” definitely helped to garner attention for Dtheflyest, but despite the track being anchored by a superstar, the Brockton native maintains creative control of the song by making it his through an extremely well-written and elitely performed hook.


It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it is that the up and comer is best at, simply because he does it all so well. First and foremost, what jumps out about Dtheflyest is the sound itself — the mastery of melody being so complete it’s beautifully hard to distinguish between his flow and his singing.


Despite the mastery of melodies, keep one thing straight: Dtheflyest is hard. I like to call his type of music real-life rap. Content matter can range anywhere from struggle rap to love songs to rapping about his aspirations and what’s going on in his everyday life.


The Hollywood Records signee has shown flashes of a beautiful ability to dramatically change the topic of a song while still maintaining his sound.


Dtheflyest has all the tools to become a star and a hit-making machine, and Dope Boy Diaries is a perfect example of that, because in my opinion, there’s not a song on the album that ever deserves to be skipped.


Dtheflyest and Brockton, you’re next up and I can’t wait.