Written by Sophia Guerrier


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Dreamville Records has made a name for itself in the last 6 years as among one of the most talent heavy labels in this era. With platinum selling artist J. Cole leading it’s stellar roster, Dreamville continues to cement their legacy in the rap game with high quality hip hop from dedicated lyricists from around the country. One of these gifted artists is Cozz, a young MC coming out of Los Angeles, CA with a real flow.


Only 24 years old, Cozz has been signed with Dreamville for about five years where he has steadily grown in his craft. A year after being signed he released his debut album Cozz & Effect, an album that introduced him as a prodigy of Cole and a promising talent to rise out of the label. Cozz & Effect presented the raw, hungry individual that Cozz was unafraid to show to the world while detailing the ups and downs of growing up in LA. Cozz douses us with storytelling and imagery of his beloved but troublesome city that places us in his shoes as a young man trying to find his way. “Western ave slaves” and “Cody Macc” unveil the honesty that Cozz offers to his listeners while displaying technicality in his rhymes and flow.  


One of the most noticeable elements of his music is the relaxed and honest vibe that he installs within his flow. Cozz raps like he is having a conversation with his listeners which makes him so relatable and natural as an artist. His versatility to flow over jazz or harder trap beats also garners respect for his ability to just rhyme and reach his audience so delicately.

After two years he then released Effected, undoubtedly one of the best albums of 2018. Polished and confident, his sophomore album solidified his place as not only a promising artist but one of the top conscious rappers to deserve recognition. On what may be contrary belief, it is a good sign that Cozz releases projects periodically as he has shown growth in every single one so far. He will surely continue to progress as a rapper and with or without a top 100 single he will remain significant in the rap game. Check out his music.