Written by Sophia Guerrier

A$AP Twelvyy

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Harlem has produced an amount of legends in the past such as Ma$e, Dipset, Murda Mook, and Big L, but their most recent product is A$AP Mob who are already well on their way of becoming a legendary group as well. The charismatic posse with frontrunners A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, are the face of New York with an ongoing catalog of turn up bangers, impeccable fashion taste, and loads of creativity. Among the members of the Harlem crew is A$AP Twelvyy, the best MC of the group by far. 

If you have been searching for straight bars in A$AP Mob's music, Twelvyy is the one that will fulfill your needs. Representing Harlem, Twelvyy's name stems from the area code of Harlem, 212, and his music embodies that NY environment and lifestyle. Twelvyy exhales lyricism that you don't usually get from most members of his crew. It is evident that older NY artists like Big L and Jay Z has influenced his rhymes with his demanding delivery that catches your attention and forces you to listen to exactly what he's saying.


In his debut album 12, Twelvyy displays artistry that is completely separate from what he shows on his features in any A$AP Mob project. Bar for bar, Twelvyy is unquestionably one of the most underrated rappers out right now. His smooth flow accompanies explicit storytelling of determination and perseverance in Harlem, details that puts you right in the middle of Lenox Ave in his body. "Strapped", "Castle Hell", and "Sunset Park" are all must listens.

Twelvyy is the definition of hip hop and deserves way more recognition. If this was 90s era rap, he could easily be distinguished to the gritty, tough, and lyrical NY scene that rappers like Prodigy (R.I.P) represented. With only his debut album to really base him off by, he definitely made a great impression. If you want real hard rap, Twelvyy is the guy for you. Check out his album 12.