Sevn Thomas

Lowkey Hitmaker

You may not have heard of SEVN Thomas but you have definitely heard the hit songs that he has produced over the years. Starting as a child, SEVN Thomas learned the ropes of producing very quickly and began mastering the craft with the support of his dancehall artist father, Rappa Robert. By the time he was a teenager, he was signed and fully in the music industry in which he is now one of the most reputable producers in Hip Hop. Hailing from Toronto, Ca, his sound like all the other special talents from Canada (Boi-1da, Wondagurl, ect) is signature and resonates high energy in a subtle manner. His combination of slower tempo 808s with a soft synth melody or instrument pattern constructs a beat for his artists to create not only freely but precisely and intelligently. His production is already so rhythmic and polished that when an artist gets on it they are guided by the strength of the beat which enables them to perform in the best direction. "Work" by Rihanna, "Houstonfornication"by Travis Scott, and "Pop Style" by Drake, are all examples of his work that you are now convinced that you should get familiar with.