Plu2o Nash

Chicago's Finest

Chicago has surely felt the Nash effect for awhile now and it’s expanding throughout the trap scene in not only the Chi. Plu2o Nash has been a prominent producer for many underground artists from Chicago, to the point where the Nash Effect producer tag is an approval that an artist offers some raw talent. It’s refreshing to witness a producer have such an emphasis on catering to their own city’s rap scene as much as Plu2o Nash does, especially in an era of mass selling beats to anybody practically anywhere. His subtle sound with a hard kick or clap is very similar to a producer like KennyBeats or Adio, in which he has collaborated with before. Nash’s production style essentially eases the ability for rappers to flow right over his instrumentals in whichever approach they decide on. We see this on A$AP Rocky’s song “JD” where A$AP shines on an unconventional flow on top of a hard loop and background chants. His beats may not pop right out the speaker (although his 808s do) but they weave through the artist’s voice and combines perfectly with their sound to complete the song. Check out his new drum kit and catch him on songs with Chicago artists like Ran$ah, Lucki, and