Young Thug: the modern Andre 3k?

With the decade for music coming to a close I think it’s important that we recognize one of the most significant and influential rappers Atlanta has birthed. Atlanta is no stranger to superstar talent. As the hub for Trap music, the city has given us T.I., Andre 3K, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, Big Boi, Young Jeezy and countless others who dominated the early 2000’s and made Atlanta a titan and integral part of black culture. With that being said, as the older generations became less active and Atlanta looked for new stars to carry the legacy many have emerged and have run with the baton that the older heads have laid down.

The one that stands out the most without a doubt is Young Thug. It is amazing to think that in a decade where we have seen Future emerge as one of the best hitmakers in the industry. Young Thug’s impact and influence has reached farther than what Future has been able to do. Thug’s style of rap, cadence, lyricism and quality of music has been among the top in rap music alongside Future, Drake, J.Cole and Kendrick lamar. He is a heavyweight and a great one at that - yet Thug’s greatest accomplishment is not about his own music or his own album sales.

He’s birthed an entire generation of young Atlanta rappers who have either directly benefited from his ascension (Lil Baby, Gunna) and cashed in on it or indirectly rose to national prominence because of the vibe that Thug introduced for the city such as Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Bankroll Fresh (R.I.P), K Camp, Lil Keed, Playboi Carti, etc. The list goes on and on and to me that is why Young Thug is our modern version of Andre 3K when it comes to influence.

Lyrically he is not the legend nor can he rhyme words quite like him but 3K laid down the foundation for rappers like Thugger to come down the line later and prosper. Much like his predecessor, Young Thug has risen to the top and restocked Atlanta’s musical shelves for the next 20 years simply because of his style and ambiance and it deserves to have light shed on it. Young Thug is an Atlanta staple and at this point in his career he is a staple in rap music forever. We will not be able to tell the story of rap for the 2010’s without giving Young Thug his flowers.

Written by Giovanni Nicolas