Stop Sleeping on this City: Western Mass (Part 2)

Dark World  

A collective out of Western Mass, the group originally had its roots in punk before shifting over to hip-hop as well.  The group features a lot of variety from rappers like DJ Lucas’ alternative sound to Sly C’s more traditional flows. The punk roots are definitely still evident but the combination of rap, electronic, rock, and punk makes for a sound you’d be hard pressed to replicate.

DJ Lucas  

DJ Lucas has been drawing the most buzz out of the collective, and with good reason. He’s one of the better rappers of the group, featuring a versatile flow and an ability to make catchy songs. “SAY A LIL PRAYER” to “DOUBT” is a perfect example of the versatility of his flow, despite what his subtle style may make you expect. His collab tape with former metal band drummer turned rapper Gods Wisdom, “Gods Lucas” is truly one of the most unique sounding tapes you’ll come across, and though one could argue the group’s sound as a whole is a bit niche, Dark World is mastering their own unique sound, giving their loyal listeners exactly what they come for.



It’s very hard not to think of Madeintyo when you hear Kony’s flow on these peculiar trap beats. Despite their overwhelming resemblance, Kony’s witty similes and echoing in-n-out ad libs are the summit of his craft. “LIL KONY” and “OFFTOP#6”, are the rough drafts to what could be Kony’s book of success as his sharply brisk flow renders the tracks’ playful personality. Kony may not be calling for world peace in his rhymes but he provides the lowkey cruising in the car or chilling at the telly music that everyone can appreciate. His latest, “Stuck Ep”, features only two songs including a verse from Western Mass star DJ Lucas. 

Written by Primetime Staff