Even if You Don't Blow, You're Still Important

“Vibrations” by Alex Wiley. “Fugazi” by Dtheflyest, featuring Lil Baby. “Fresh Prince” by Cousin Stizz.


These are just some of the songs by underappreciated artists that represent moments, relationships, and moods to me more than anything. All three of these artists are, at least at this point in their careers, simply far from superstars.


And that isn’t to take away from any of them as artists or performers, but the simple facts of it are that at this moment in time, these three don’t have insane record sale numbers or anything like that.


But that’s the beauty in it.


Not to be cliche or sound like an annoying “I knew x artist before you did” hardass rap fan, but sometimes a lack of popularity makes listening to an artist that much better.


There’s nothing like that moment when you think you’re the only person in the world who knows a certain song, until you hear it come on at a party, look over to the speaker and see one of your boys behind the song selection.


It’s automatically a “No f*ing way you know this song too” moment, and no matter what that moment creates a bond through that given song.


To sort of broaden the discussion from that feeling when you realize you mess with someone just because they listen to the same upcoming artists as you, for someone like Stizz, even though he’s already the biggest Boston rapper since Guru, he is unfortunately, by no means a super star.


But he is in Boston and the surrounding community of hip hop heads who were praying for Boston’s savior.


When people first started finding out about Stizz it was probably by junior year in high school, and never in my life have I seen anyone catch anything but respect when Stizz comes on the aux. Because that’s our guy, the dude putting on for our city in the genre we love, even if he may never reach the level of a Cole or a Kendrick or a Drake.


But for what artists like him have done through simply creating music that fits moments in our life, relationships, and much more, we hold those upcoming artists on the same pedestal as these superstars.


So to Alex Wiley, Stizz, and Dtheflyest I’m rooting for you, but just know that even if you never really top the charts, you’ve done your job.

Written by Thomas Herron